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What is Direct Access?

What is Direct Access?

Direct Access and Physical Therapy

Did you know you can come to physical therapy (PT) clinic in Kansas without a referral from the physician first? This is called direct access. In March 2013, the Kansas Legistlature passed a law allowing people to visit a physical therapist directly without first seeing a physician. Most insurances will cover physical therapy services without a prescription from a doctor, PA, or NP. Physical therapy offers many benefits such as healing injuries, reducing pain, and restoring movement. Access to PT is expanding across America and it has never been easier to get the treatment you deserve.

How does this benefit you?
After an injury you can use direct access to come to a PT and expect:

  1. Holistic treatment: Upon arrival at the PT clinic you can expect an evaluation and treatment to address your injury. A PT will ask you your specific goals and prescribe treatment to help attain these goals to improve your quality of life.
  2. Decreased cost: Coming directly to PT saves you money. You avoid the hassle and co-pay you are charged to visit your primary care physician or specialist. This works to keep insurance costs low as the insurance does not have to cover the visit to the physician.
  3. Improved outcomes: It is well documented that you will have decreased pain and a quicker healing time utilizing PT services immediately. Your treatment is not delayed, and the healing process can begin sooner with evidence-based treatments. Many studies demonstrate that PT reduces use of pain medications amidst our country’s opioid epidemic. Click herefor more information about how direct access can save money and improve outcomes.
  4. Trained clinicians: Physical therapists are experts in the movement system. This means that therapists have attended extensive schooling learn the ins and outs of anatomy and physiology that contributes to your ability to move freely. Physical therapists are now graduating with their clinical Doctor of Physical Therapy to provide direct access services. Physical therapists use evidence-based practice to monitor your progress to ensure you are on track.
  5. Safe and non-invasive treatments: Seeking therapy from a physical therapist without a prescription from your doctor is both safe and effective. Therapists are trained to screen for 'red flags' or more serious conditions, and understand the importance of referring patients to a physician if necessary. Physical therapy can be a cost-effective and safe alternative to more invasive interventions such as injections or medications in the right circumstances.

Take control of your healthcare and take advantage of direct access today! If you are experiencing aches and pains, difficulty performing daily activities, or aren't able to participate in your recreational activities, a physical therapist can help! Contact us today to schedule an initial evaluation and see if you could benefit from physical therapy!

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